Coach show

لیدرشیپ کوچ

About The Event

The experience of attending a coaching session by Mr. Saleh Mokhtari, Instructor and Founder of the ILCGROUP.

Getting to know your obstacles in holding coaching sessions

Creating a suitable environment to improve the sessions process

Experiencing client-centered style in holding sessions

Compliance with the ethical principles of holding sessions

Increasing skill in session agreement

Keeping track of the coaching session

Features of the Coach Show Workshop

  • The possibility of participating in sessions as coach and client
  • Testing your coaching ability during the session by the mentor
  • We observe that even a professional coach can make many mistakes
  • In this workshop, we will learn how to mentor a coaching session

اطلاعات ورکشاپ :

  • Cost: 200,000تومان
  • Total Slot: 25
  • Booked Slot: 0

This event has expired


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